Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cattleya Spread

Cattleya, what can I say about her? Well, one thing is that she is a hot MILF with huge tits. Also she always seem to can't contain those huge tits most of the time. If she isn't fighting or cooking, she is spreading her legs nude for all of us to see.

When I saw this model the first time, I knew I had to have it. The pose was too good to pass and knowing how Cattleya is that means stripping her would be rewarding and I am sure you agree it is. Now she is a resin and not a PVC so it was really a pain to strip her down and also a piece of where her feet goes broke, that is why I don't like resins too much, too much trouble just to post them.

I had originally not planned to do her. What happened was I was bored and was taking pictures of a few things I had and I saw Cattleya. I said, well no one has taken pictures of her so let me show her off. As I did that, I got horny and well, here is what happened. Originally, I had a request to do Kanu in lingerie but I guess that has to wait until next time or next week.

I also fapped twice last night so I didn't think I would cum too much this morning but I surprisingly did a decent amount although as you can see in the video, I missed some good shots in the beginning. The video's lighting isn't so good as well, I don't know what the hell is wrong with my webcam, sometimes it's good, sometimes it's not...

The pictures are in HD so I hope some of you appreciate and like them. I tried to get some good angles in and I think some of them came out pretty good. Not amazing but pretty good in quality and view.

Well, it's been awhile and I hope you all like this set, it isn't one of my greatest but I tried, happy fapping.

Link to set: Cattleya Spread

Video from Set:

Friday, September 9, 2011

Inda no Himekishi Janne

Ah Janne. I remember the first time I saw this manga, I was like "I wonder if they would make it into an anime?" Well they did. You can find it using the same name in the title. Basically, ogres with huge dicks do some raping, cumming and fucking. There is also some futanari too if you are into that kind of stuff and even some incest.

When I first saw that Janne had a model by Giga Pulse, first instinct was to pre-order it right away. Like all Giga pulse models, there are always three variations. I chose this one because to me it looked the best. I also like the fact that one of the ogres doubles as an extra and a stand for her.

It has been so long since I have done a set. Reason being I got married and it's very hard to find time to do any sets especially when my wife is around. Today I have the day off so I decided to try and do one. As you can see from the video and pics, they are very different from before. That being I also have a new computer so I had to do everything again from scratch.

The video isn't that great, meaning the quality but I did do my best. The lighting always fucks me up, it goes bright and dark especially the moment I am cumming. However, even with this small set back, it still seemed clear. You can see that most of my cum got Janne and also stayed on her.

The pictures are in HD. I can't find my old camera so I decided to use my Iphone. I must say I am pretty happy with them on how clear they came out. So I did a lot of close up shots of Janne and her bare open pussy and breasts.

Some of you might notice that the poll or on my forum I had announced I am doing a double sof. That was supposed to be today but I am simply too busy later in the day to get the guy here. The guy is a member on the forum and he lives very close to me, he actually was the one that was tracking me down and wanted to do it. So honestly, why not? The set will be planned next Saturday and so far it's going to feature a very busty girl.

Anyway, I know I have been away for a long time but I hope some of you like this set.

Link to Set: Janne

Video from Set:

Saturday, May 14, 2011

F.C. #1 Girl: Tifa Lockhart

Tifa Lockhart, the love of my life. I own so many things of Tifa, I am a pure Tifa fanatic. I have all her models, figures, posters, wall scrolls, plushes even t-shirts. Tifa to me is the most sexy and beautiful character to exist. I love her long hair, her red eyes, pretty face, big breasts, sexy ass, she can fight, she is smart and most of all, loving.

I have had this model for a few years now, if you have been with me that long, you know that awhile ago I had posted pictures of her but I had never done her in SoF. For some reason she always felt special, she is my number one most favorite after all, Kanu following close behind as number two. While at that time people periodically ask me how come I won't do her. I simply really couldn't give them an answer.

Now in case you are thinking that I am running out of models, that isn't even slightly true. I chose to do Tifa this weekend for two reasons. First, I have too many models to choose from, too many characters so why not just go with one I know a lot of people will like? Second, this might be my final SoF depending on my situation. It isn't a bad situation, it's just that I am getting a new computer, it's an all in one Sony Vaio, look it up. It has an internal webcam, because of that, I don't know if I can shoot any SoF's because of the view. I can install an external but then my fiance will wonder why I did that. It's complicated but we will see.

Anyway on to the set! I was tired last night and so was my fiance so there was no sex, so I was fortunate enough in the SoF world to have no cummed for one day. I woke up pretty horny so it was the best time to do Tifa. I didn't think I would do too well but I am pretty happy with the way this set came out. My goal was to cover Tifa's huge breasts as much as I could. I tried to aim for the pussy too but I couldn't aim my dick there on time.

Again, there are two videos, to watch the HD video, please use VLC player, if you use any other program, it will be shown upside down. Like my past newest sets, there is sound in the HD video and the view is different so I hope some of you like it. As for the pictures, I tried to concentrate on Tifa's breasts most of the time because I am not too happy with her face, it isn't bad but if you saw the pictures on how she was before I bought her, you would know what I am talking about.

In the normal pictures, the last few pictures she has a dildo/dick in her pussy. That came with the model and I also stood beside her a chibi Tifa model, I think her face says it all about the situation. I worthy mention, I was to save this Tifa for a special occasion like Christmas or something but now I have another Tifa coming soon that is actually a gift from another fellow SoFer. When I get it, I will most certainly take pictures of her and hopefully dump a load on her.

I hope all of you like my special girl and this set.

Link to Set: Tifa Lockhart

Video from Set:

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Nagi Miko

Nagi Miko is a a character created by Satoshi Urushihara. This model is also by the the company Giga Pulse who manufactures a lot of erotic model/figures like this one. If you remember my Yukina set, they are from the same company.

I had a hard time choosing who to do this weekend. I was lucky enough to have my Fiance go to work early while I am off so I had time but only limited time to do this set. I was also I guess fortunate to not have cummed the night before otherwise I don't think this set would be posted. I had also had at least THREE people on MSN contact me asking me when was my new set or when I was going to do one. It is mainly because of these three I decided to even do one.

Now on to the set! I came a lot, sadly I missed a lot too. Again there are two videos, one is with one view and standard and the other is a different view with HD. HD one like the android set has sound, you can hear what I was watching while doing the set. If you even know what I was watching, you deserve a cookie.

Even with my horrible aim, I still got a decent amount on Nagi. Most of my cum just oozed down to her exposed detailed pussy. The model also came with a few accessories like a dick but I didn't find a use for it, if I was to use it, it would cover up her pussy which I wouldn't have liked. I also love the tits on Nagi, they aren't huge and aren't small either, they are perfect. The nipples were perfectly shiny and erected as well.

The pictures in this set are only two because she was not easy to dress. So there are only cummed and normal but the normal is actually her nude. I plan to do a set every Saturday if I am able to, so stay tuned weekly, visit my forum which has a lot of sets posted there just not by me but others. I hope you like this set and please leave me any comments, don't be shy.

*** Small notice: HD video will be inverted if you use VLC player. If you can, use Quicktime instead ***

Link to Set: Nagi Miko

Video from Set:

Monday, April 4, 2011

Android 0

My goodness, how long has it been since I have done a set? Almost 6 months to be exact. Now I had originally planned to do Tamaki, however resulting in a failed set, I turned to another easier model. A mode with actual breasts to show. This is who we call, Android 0/zero. This is one of my newer models but not my newest.

Now I chose this one because of her pose and because she has some nice big breasts. Her face however looks different from the site and the box so I am not too happy with her face at all. But, it isn't that bad, she is still pretty. I love her breasts and what surprised me was when I removed her bottom, it is a very nice and detailed pussy. You can see the clitoris, everything, it is very detailed for a regular pvc I think.

Now for the set itself, I didn't think I did too well. I missed a lot of my cum and I was lucky enough that some got on her left breast. The pictures I tried mostly to concentrate on her breasts and an added bonus I took some HD pictures, although the lighting sort of sucked, they are just basically tests. I also gave you all a bonus of a HD video of me cumming on Android zero, uncut and unedited, so I hope some of you like it.

As time passes, I will try to take pictures of my new models, I have so many new ones, it's insane. I think I will do a weekly poll to let you all choose who to do next. Until then, I hope you all like this set.

Link to Set: Android 0

Video from Set:

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Guest SoF:Zeedajae: Canal

Tonight we have a brand new contributor who goes by the name Zeedajae. He is from Upstate NY but don't get too excited, he isn't near me at all. So far still can't find a person that lives near me which kind of sucks, would like to know a person that likes sof and maybe do a double sof sometime.

Zee's choice was a model named Canal by Shunya Yamashita, the artist. This model has a very nice face and nice ass which he creamed as the main target. I own a few Shunya Yamashita's models but the lack of nudity makes me buy another model who would rather show me her tits.

Anyway for the set, what quantity there isn't, quality makes up for it. The pictures are very clear and in high definition. The pictures capture the shiny ass and cute face Canal has. The video is also very clear and you can tell it was recorded with a HD camera and also due to the fact it is a MP4 file. Speaking of the video, I am disappointed in the amount Zee came. He had a very good shot at the start but he missed and then the rest was just like forced drops.

However though, he still got her ass pretty well with the little amount which was a good thing. I am mainly posting this set of his to show the model which is too good to pass. I am sure Zee will do better in his next and upCUMMING sets.

Sadly, Zee does not have a section yet on my forum but you can find more of his work under the guest section. Hope you like this set regardless and hope you like the model. Enjoy.

Link to Set: Canal

Video from Set: